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Photographed by Alexis Badiyi

Styled by Karina Trofimova, Gemsun and Alexis Badiyi

What did you like about styling yourself in Gemsun fall?

"I loved the way the NORE DRESS made me feel super feminine and empowered."


Karina styled by Karina Trofimova.

What is your favorite fall tree leaf color?

"I actually really love late fall when leaves have fallen off and the branches are bare. That against a white sky just looks so hauntingly beautiful to me."

What is your favorite Gemsun piece?

"I love all of the mesh pieces as they are something that I'd wear over and over again in different variations. And Platte Cross Body Bag is a staple at this point."

What does friendship mean to you?

"It's a combination of natural connectedness and a choice to love and grow with someone through it all."

How do you connect with your friends?

"Usually through deep and vulnerable conversations that allow us to grow in some way. And, of course, lots of laughs. Most of my long term friendships are built by spending one on one time together, and we're not afraid of being exposed in front of each other."

How did you feel being styled by Gemsun and Alexis?

"It was a fun challenge! The outfit chosen for me was definitely out of my comfort zone but I loved embracing a different persona, and just being a little playful with it."

What inspires you lately?

"Conversations with people that have a different perspective than mine."

What do you love most about dressing yourself in fall?

"A warm fall is the perfect season for unexpected combinations - bare skin + tall boots, coats + sandals etc etc. Fall is a beautiful time to experiment."

Gem or Sun and why?

"Sun. I think, because I grew up in a country without much sunshine and warmth, I crave heat on my skin."

What is something exciting that is coming for you this fall?

"I can sense that this fall is bringing in change as well as more settledness simultaneously. I'm excited to embrace the new while becoming more aware and settled into what I really want."

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